Issues Agenda


Parents and educators are increasingly concerned about the effects of state budget cuts on El Paso schools – particularly larger class sizes, overloading teachers, layoffs, and the elimination of programs.

Border Interfaith leaders repeatedly heard how high-stakes testing limits educators, punishes schools and hurts students. Border Interfaith advocates for adequate funding of all public schools as an investment in our most precious resource, our youth, and in El Paso’s future. We are concerned about excessive standardized testing. We support serious parental engagement.


El Paso county has the second highest rate of uninsured residents in Texas. Border Interfaith will be working to find opportunities to make sure more El Pasoans have access to healthcare.  Border Interfaith has also heard many concerns about eldercare and the physical, emotional and financial toll.


El Paso is one of the safest cities in the nation – partially due to the sense of trust between the community and police.

Border Interfaith advocates for the present policy of having police and sheriff’s deputies fulfill their role of community safety without taking on the role of immigration enforcement.

Infrastructure and safety

Families in many El Paso neighborhoods are concerned with the lack of basic infrastructure – missing or incomplete sidewalks, lack of adequate street lighting, etc., while others lack even the most basic of services, like clean water.

Border Interfaith advocates for adequate infrastructure for all parts of El Paso.

Living wage jobs

Many young people leave El Paso because there are not many living wage jobs in El Paso while thousands of El Pasoans are stuck in low-wage jobs.

Border Interfaith advocates for Project ARRIBA, a workforce development program that provides a pipeline for El Pasoans to move, through education, from low-paying jobs to living wage jobs with a career path.